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PBN’s are private blog networks which are a group of expired domains that have been purchased due to their links and age. Their PBN links are guaranteed for 6 months, which means if one of their network sites is deindexed by Google or falls below the metrics on their site, then they will provide you with a new PBN link free of charge. After the 6 months is up, you will be given the option to renew the link for a further 6 months for a 50% discounted price or you will also be given the option of removing the link from their network. The metrics for their PBN links are a follows the link must have a domain authority of 15+, a trust flow of 10+, referring domains of 10+, be three years or older and have a spam score of less than or equal to four. It will be delivered within 7 days. The link will come with article content and on page SEO.  You can buy quality backlinks for you business for a great price, the start out price for one PBN link is only $50.

White label SEO is a way of an SEO service to offer their assistance under another company’s brand, so the client is only dealing with the company as far as they know. Trust flow is the number that predicts how trustworthy a website is dependent upon how trustworthy sites tend to link to others. On page SEO is the work that gets done on the website this includes link building, content development and web designing. These things will help to make a website more trusted by search engines such as Google. Web archive is a web created file format which contains things including images and sounds from sites that have been visited.

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