Are you looking for a promising Digital Marketing Agency Manchester? Choosing one of the best interactive agencies can be challenging, but you also have to know which one works for you. Below are among the best, along with their specializations. Find one that suits your needs.


This branding agency with various strategies in mind makes it their mission to go beyond and above for their clients. They often bring extensive knowledge, creative ideas, and a fresh perspective of digital experiences on the table. The company began in Berlin in 2013 and had an essential role in over fifty start-ups’ success stories. Battalion has an in-house team of developers, designers, and strategists that work in synergy with their customers.

CEEK Marketing

CEEK specializes in Website Development, PPC, SEO, and Influencer Marketing. The company uses an exceptional marketing methodology to guarantee that their target online customers see businesses via social media. Their Marketing Consultant team has a strong passion for Digital Marketing that they collaborate with various brands to share their success online.


As of the moment, Dept has over 1,500 people employed under their company. The business unites data, technology, and creativity to help its customers accelerate and reinvent their digital reality. The agency has more than a thousand well-experienced makers and thinkers and has been at the cover of digital technology for decades. They have a team that comprises experts in several fields, including commerce, digital, creative, and marketing.

Social Republic

The Social Republic is a global social medial agency that aims to develop brands with ambitions to fame and already ambitious famous brands. They have teams of more than 400 people – experts in global social media that are driven with creativity and are relentlessly innovative. The agency has a proof of concept and a providing heritage, making the public regularly seeing them as the perfect organization for the job.

They have a unique behavior as the Social Republic represents a better and new way to approach campaigns. The agency commits itself to wild ideas, productive strategies in social media, and solid branding that provide promising results.

Emote Digital

Emote Digital delivers integrated solutions with breathtaking results since they started in 2001. They offer services such as digital marketing, in-house WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce. The company has a talented and close-set of individuals with an un-rivaling passion for the field they chose. They each love what they do and have a unique skill set, but they also deliver exceptional outcomes to their customers.

Make sure that as you choose a Digital Marketing Agency in Manchester, find one that is approachable, passionate, and transparent in what they do. Creativity is crucial, but transparency is also essential to make it a pleasure to work together.

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