What makes the Fusionex team stand out among other IT company employees is that they are not the only book smart, but also socially aware. Their emotional quotient is on par, if not higher than their IQ.

Much like their CEO and leader, they use their knowledge of technology for the good of the people. They help develop pieces of artificially intelligent machines that provide enhancements for individuals and families around the world.

The Charity Work

Listed below are some of the significant charity activities that the Fusionex team has been involved in. Please read on to learn more.

  • Volunteering at Children’s Hospitals 

The team also practices social responsibility and tries to help various causes from children’s hospitals. They make it a point to spend time with the kids and make them feel like family even just for a few hours.

Because of their presence, the kids can forget their ails even just for a few short hours. They get to enjoy themselves with their big brothers and sisters and also get to GM about what the future holds for these tiny humans.

  • Spending Time with the Homeless

They also make it a point to volunteer at soup kitchens and to spend time with the family, said the homeless shelters. There, they can learn more about the plight of these people and, therefore, further enhance their plans to build technologies that can aid in making the situation even better for these families.

  • Educational Outreach

They also conduct free training programs for viable students that have no means to learn about science and technology on their own. As part of the company’s community outreach program, the Fusionex employees go out into local towns and conduct educational symposiums regarding science and technology and how it can improve human lives for the better. 

  • Fun Runs for Home Builders

Aside from these, they also conduct charity runs and donate the proceeds for organizations and institutions that build homes for those displaced families in the country. As a Fusionex employee, you will not only be able to help others through technology. You will also be able to give back through charity work.

  • Making Donations for Calamity Victims 

Fusionex, as a company, also makes it a point to donate various essential items to the victims of natural calamities in Malaysia and beyond.


You will certainly not regret working for a company like this in the future. It will not only help you develop your brain but also your heart and soul. Visit Fusionex now to learn more.

The Fusionex Team Charity Activities